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2013- 2015 EXECUTIVE MBA TIAS Business school, University Tilburg  

  • Main subject: Executive business management.
  • Side pockets: Managerial communication + change and business (game) management and strategy.
  • Thesis: Project management improvements in a high-tech  environment.

2016 IPMA Project management, Holland innovative, High-tech campus, Eindhoven

  • Main subject: The Complete project manager.
  • Side pockets: Team management in a technical environment.
  • Graduation: creation of a project plan and application of the plan for a new project at BESI.

 1999- 2001 Technical business technology, Technical university Eindhoven

  • Main subject: Technical business approximation.
  • Side pockets: Managerial aspects.
  • Graduation: study halted due to work

1990-1993 AKBO, IHBO/fontys college Eindhoven

  • Main subject: Total Business organization.
  • Side pockets: Organization in innovation and manufacturing.
  • Graduation: Service improvements at Center Parcs, The Netherlands.

1985-1988 HLO-C, IHBO/fontys college Eindhoven

  • Main subject: Chemistry and chemical analysis.
  • Side pockets: optical organic chemistry (resists).
  • Graduation: Analysis E-beam R&D mask manufacturing process


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