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The services

I can deliver project and P- management for a wide range of technologies with a measureable result.

I worked in research, development and manufacturing for IC's, displays and fundamental materials. My last assigments were fi. in the NTI (NXP) and NPI (BESI) environment.

To handle Projects well in a business environment, have I studied executive MBA to gain the business and change management knowledge, my thesis about project management improvements in a running company. Further have I studied IPMA-C to improve my project knowledge.

I have done since 2014 about 14 projects for manufacturing build-up and for manufacturing equipment and process creation for new technologies. The average run time of the projects was 8.5 month's. The shortest was 4 month's and the longest was 14 month's.

Please pick up contact with me via the contact screen, mail or phone to discuss if I can help you achieving your NTI, NPI business goals with help of tailored P- management support.

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