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Work I can do for you:

 Business & innovation consult

1: Innovation proces improvement, So you can increase your High-Tech Innovation speed for your company to 6 - 9 month's.

You can concentrate on your core competences and we arrange the improvements so the needed time to market can be reached.

Project Innovation

2. Improve your project management processes and team.

The project structure and team becomes project capable  so they achieve the needed results in time. The time to market can be achieved in time for  your innovation. Project failures shall be avoided and the needed revenue can be reached in time.


Project & Program Enactment

 3. Technical innovation project management for your new high-tech innovation.

Professional project & program management together with your multidisciplinairy team so they can handle the needed technical aspects for process, equipment or production implementation / startup of your innovation in your company. The basis is the workforce in your company!

Based on the intake and requirements discussion can we define a contract so your bussines, project managment structure and the innovation business processes can be analyzed. Based on this analysis shall I deliver a taylored advise how your innovation process of project management style can be improved so business aims can be reached. I can we do also the project management of your innovation project, so you can relax. We take care of your innovation, it shall be in good hands and ready in time!