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what business innovation can be achieved

FHTI can help you to improve and speed up your innovation process by making the system leaner and communication faster.

But also is A new vision on Innovation needed in the company itself so it can become leaner and faster. We need to become more creative in the company and use imagination. The innovation cycle is reduced in the recent years to about 6 month's.  Incremental, robust innovation is becoming difficult. To cope with this speed and new creativity are more risks involved, these need to be mitigated. We need to use a new innovation system and procedures to cope with the short cycle.

Disruptive robust innovation is also possible in the existing market. we need to start riding the innovation waves like disruptive innovator do. A new project style is needed in which the risks are larger, but adressed and the collaborative process is faster and more intense for your organization. The old paradigms need to be abandoned faster what is difficult for the work force. You need to stay in change management mode all the time so paradigms can't build up and your employees only arer used to change. This is the only method to get into the fast significant advances and business transformations so you can stay in the IoT innovation race but with low risk.

Innovative ideas come from many sources mostly without a sound background. The perfect solution is sometimes there; as a vision, a thought, a dream or just a wish. but it is often far too complex for an individual to take it into reality even in an exsisting company. That is where FHTI comes in.

 FHTI can help you to accelerate you existing innovation. with help of the disruptive innovation aspects:

Change is a demand, nothing is impossible, it needs to be proved immidiately.

We need to ride the waves in the incremental innovation world also like we do in disruptive innovation. For this you can use innovation and communication improvements like mentioned below.


New contemporary innovations make use of simulations, AR and analysis of existing production information, and product data of the standing production, but also uses new market inputs. I is a work method which can be introduced to make innovation lean, avoid mistakes and increase efficiency.

In larger companies is in the recent years manufacturing Iot started, so the input of the tool base and product quality can be used for the needed innovation definition. This is done via software tools like fi. thingworx, IoT based data collection tool and windchill a Product Life Cycle management tool. FHTI can help you to startup en buildout this new data based method of process, tool and product innovation.